Labor Environment
High standards for our labor force must be met. In today's workplace environment, maintaining a safe, secure and healthy setting is necessary for every business as we head into the 21 century. Kyohaksa strives to protect its workforce from high/low temperatures, humid conditions, strong winds, and other factors that can lead to accidents and illness. We strive to keep down dust, noise, and air pollution in all our facilities. Kyohaksa is developing processes that reduce contaminants, while continuously expanding our basic environmental facilities and steadily investing in improving our workplace environment. As we implement these positive policies, our workforce can rest assured they work in a safe and agreeable environment.
Environmental Pollution
Kyohaksa is making every effort to protect its workplace environment from atmospheric, water and soil-contaminates created from factory operations by noise, vibrations and other factors.
Kyohaksa has an advanced system that does not emit VOC (a substance that can be
generated while printing and contaminate the atmosphere). While this VOC is generated in the drying process of rotation printing, we apply a forced absorption system to the dryer by installing an after burner to each web-offset press dryer, thereby burning VOC by heating a platinum iridium catalyst at the temperature of 330~350C. This changes something harmful into a harmless substance and keeps the working environment in top shape. In ways like this, Kyohaksa is taking initiative in continuing to create an agreeable working environment.
Industrial Waste Water
As in any facility and factory, there is going to be waste generated. And that includes water. If water is mixed with liquid or solid waste, we have to find the proper means to dispose of this waste. Before Kyohaksa releases any waste water, it must do so by meeting tight regulations. For example, waste water that is generated when producing print plate is discharged at the level of 1:10 of the general environmental standard. At Kyohaksa, we eliminate contaminants from waste water by purifying through a special chemical material that is added to discharge gas or to make metal salt condense and precipitate. We employ a filtering process that purifies the water quality of discharged water at the most suitable and standards levels as required by law. In addition to waste water, Kyohaksa also strives to eliminate and reduce the amount of contaminants that harm our environment.
Resources Recycling
Recycling plays an important role in reducing the quantity of trash we produce. This saves resources, saves energy and prevents contamination of our environment. Kyohaksa encourages the recycling of waste products and makes every attempt to reduce the amount of waste. In addition, Kyohaksa uses as many recycled products at every possible stage of its operations. All this in order to preserve our environment. Kyohaksa minimizes the waste of resources by selecting recycling companies to recycle print paper discharged during or after printing. Furthermore, by entrusting waste treatment companies authorized by the government, we treat industrial waste such as material that cannot be used or recycled any longer, and remnants discharged from recycled products.
Authentication of International Environment and Management Standardization (ISO14001)
Kyohaksa is investing tremendous amounts of time and resources to improve and provide safe, secure and healthy workplaces. If all staff and personnel are in a safe working environment, they perform much more efficiently. Kyohaksa continues to analyze conventional concepts of environment control that simply and repetitiously look at various contaminants. However, we are taking the next steps to introduce innovative systems that totally evaluate how all our staff and personnel can help contribute to the overall environment of the workplace. We are working with personnel to develop ways to use our materials and technologies more effectively and efficiently. As we empower our entire workforce, everything regarding the environment (from manufacturing to the discarding phase), we become more efficient and responsible.
Thus, Kyohaksa acquired ISO14001, the Q/A authentication of international environment and management standardization regarding environment controls of systems and technological activities.