History of Kyohaksa Publishing Co., Ltd.
Kyohaksa was established in Daegu, Korea in May, 1951. In 1954, the company oved from Daegu to Seoul.
From this time, Kyohaksa grew at an impressive rate. Orders came in at record rates.
The headquarters of Kyohaksa is located in Mapo-gu (Seoul) and there are 370 employees who work here.
The employees are divided up among 17 departments and additional editing facilities.
There are editing departments, sales, finance, design and development, computers and IT, as well as many others.
The Kyohaksa printing facilities are located in the Digital Industrial Area, which is in the center of the Third Export Industrial Complex. The factory is over 8,000 pyung and its houses 330 employees. There are several departments: including production and technical support, pre-press, press, post-press, and many other departments.
Kyohaksa's main focus is textbook publishing for elementary, middle and high school markets. In addition,
Kyohaksa publishes many titles for children, university students, the ELT market and numerous dictionaries.
And more recently, Kyohaksa has added commercial printing. In total, Kyohaksa now prints over 70 weekly and monthly magazine titles.
Kyohaksa produces more then 8 million imprints and 600,000 books daily. The factory has continually updated
its products since its founding.